Happy New Year!

Dear Partners and Friends!
Congratulations on your upcoming New Year holidays and Merry Christmas!
We wish you, your collectives and families of good health, happiness, well-being and success! Let the year be full of new dreams and achievable desires, new ideas and great prospects! But let the Christmas Starlight burn in your hearts the fire of faith and love, hope and optimism, inspiration and inexhaustible energy!
The collective of the company "Ostersky meat products" Ltd.


New refrigeration equipment

We purchased and launched a new refrigeration equipment - quick-freezer plate coolers. Now the productivity of our company will increase to 700 tons of products per month.


On the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!


Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!


New product type

The launch of a new type of product – Chicken BAADER to 3 mm


Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine!


Launching new equipment

The launch of the latest equipment in the latest technologies in the food industry and the introduction of innovative technologies in the production process have allowed us to further improve the quality standards of our products.